ADSL filter - Net drop off when I get a phone call

ADSL filter - Net drop off when I get a phone call Has anyone come across this (very annoying) problem?
If you have and you know how to solve it, please let me know.
It sometimes come right by itself, but sometimes I need to turn the modem off and on again to get the net back again. It started doing this quite randomly a few months ago.

geek_smiles38, Jul 19, 7:27 pm

Check Filters and try a new filter.

geek_jancemord, Jul 19, 7:52 pm

Assume that the modem is connected straight to the phone jack WITHOUT a filter and the filters are on every phone in the house? I realise this is a strange question but I do know that some people have thought that the filter was to be on the ADSL modem!

geek_sighkick, Jul 19, 8:52 pm

Filter is between phone jack and phone only The modem I use does not have one connected - It does not need itDoesn't it?

geek_smiles38, Jul 19, 9:25 pm

Correct..........also if you hav a fax and or sky tv which is plugged into a phone line or ANY device aside from the adsl modem then those devices MUST have filters.....

geek_drcspy, Jul 19, 9:27 pm

Doesn't ADSL modem require a filter as well? Telecom give out those filters with both phone (BT) and ADSL (RJ11) ports

geek_laforet, Jul 19, 10:37 pm

No, they are just a double plug with a filter on the phone plug. The ADSL plug is unfiltered.

geek_bidda2, Jul 19, 10:39 pm

The RJ11 socket is unfiltered, that is, it is simply to provide a means to physically connect both modem and phone without filtering the modem. If the modem was filtered it wouldn't work.

geek_spyware, Jul 19, 10:39 pm