Does that use my data cap up when I download using bit torrent

newbie5, Jul 20, 4:43am
Question please if I download using bit torrent and then it starts uploading for seeding does that use my data cap up
download was 2x646mb will I also upload this amount

tessal, Jul 20, 5:00am
To hit a 1:1 rato sure,you'd need to upload 1.29+ gig, its your choice..if its a public torrent source don't worry about seeding,if its a private torrent account...i guess you better get uploading then,if you want to keep your account/privileges! =)

tessal, Jul 20, 5:01am
And yes uploading does go towards your cap for the month.

newbie5, Jul 20, 6:51am
Thanks tessal guess I will have to watch my torrent downloads

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