HP PSC1350 series all in one printer trouble

wimwom, Jul 23, 3:40am
HP PSC1350 series all in one printer trouble when I turn the printer on whether it is connected to the usb or not it prints a test page every time and it is wasting ink. Can someone tell me what I can do to stop it please. I have tried to find drivers online but still haven't had any success.

hayster94, Jul 23, 4:06am
Check the hp website. All their drivers are on there. Still seems weird that it always prints the test page. Do you ever turn it off at the wall?

drcspy, Jul 23, 4:12am
Why bother lookin for drivers it already works just go into the settings configurations and fiddle around it'll be something in there

chito, Jul 23, 4:55am
You're lucky it even works. Most of them bring up a mythical head error message and never work again. They have caught the Brother error 41 disease.

cutestuff1, Jul 23, 5:55am
Yeah I turned the printer off from the power but still does it.

nzmu, Jul 23, 6:00am
Some of them do that for calibrationtest page gets put on to scanner, then it's happy. Only older machines though I think.

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