Where has my Adblock gone?

buzzy110, Apr 18, 4:26am
Where has my Adblock gone? Got brand new shining computer. Husband told techi not to install my Mozilla Firefox programme from old computer. Just downloaded and installed it again but where has the adblock gone? Can anyone out there help me.

datoofairy, Apr 18, 4:33am
You will probably need to reinstall it You can find all the add ons at Tools, Add-Ons, Get Extentions.

buzzy110, Apr 18, 4:39am
Thanks datoofairy. Once I've done that I'll start working on why my broadband is working as if it is powered by a steam engine without steam. Old computer used to work at the speed of light. Sadly techi not coming back till next week to complete job and this machine is driving me nuts already.

deodar, Apr 18, 4:50am
It maybe in your profile If you face the other way...

deodar, Apr 18, 5:06am
Of courseits not A fresh install on a new computer!No,
Datafairy is right,you won't have any
old extensions etc until you install them.Soooorry...

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