iphone 3gs

mavrick16, Jul 27, 3:30am
Iphone 3gs If i brought a iphone 3gs from overseas, does it need to be unlocked or can i just insert my vodafone sim? if it needs to be unlocked is this easy to do

wholesaler, Jul 27, 4:24am
Google it, seriously its not hard

neillo1, Jul 27, 6:10am
# 2 Then why don't you give the answer then??

dunedin_ree, Jul 27, 6:44am
# 3 Firstly, this isn't a "I'm too lazy to google it" forum (and that question would take less time to find out on google than to get a reply from here), secondly, I don't see you contributing either.

neillo1, Jul 27, 6:51am
No, it's better to get answers from know-alls like .

suicidemonkey, Jul 27, 6:53am
Yes you will have to unlock it. The tools are available on the internet. Just google "unlocking iphone".

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