Acer Laptop and wireless internet connection help.

justme73, Jul 30, 9:25pm
Acer Laptop and wireless internet connection help. Can anyone answer this, whenever my laptop is connected and charging it won't connect and stay connected to internet connection, doesnt show any available connections either and no other options, cannot seem to fix this and have no idea why!!!

justme73, Aug 1, 6:40am

gsimpson, Aug 2, 8:19pm
Windows or Linux OS? I can point you in the right direction if Linux as I bought a new Acer with Ubuntu

justme73, Aug 5, 12:06am
It windows...never heard of linux?? .....

b.squid, Aug 5, 7:22am
right click on the battery icon on the task bar,then go to power options and see what the settings are.

justme73, Aug 5, 10:13am
B.squid I WUV YOOOOUUU!!!!! Thanks

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