Belkin 54G Wireless Access Point Help

jancemord, Jul 31, 5:42am
Belkin 54G Wireless Access Point Help How can I access this. The ip address in the Manuel does not load when entered into the browser nor can I ping it. The access point is using the router;s IP address when the IP Address is set to automatic. Win xp

lostdude, Jul 31, 5:54am
Login to your router & check connected devices & their IP addresses. Make sure there are no other PCs connected to the network to simplify things. The only 2 will be your PC (easy to find out your IP) & the access point.

jancemord, Jul 31, 6:11am
Its only picking up the laptop i'm on i no there is another pc connected but its not displaying. I can ping the WAN Ip address

mysteryman007, Jul 31, 6:21am
Is this pc connecting to net via the wifi router? as ipconfig/all in the cmd window, should show you the ip.

jancemord, Jul 31, 8:03am
Its showing the modems ip address thats what I dont get

tessal, Jul 31, 10:43pm
Morning jancemord is your situation a 2 piece setup, Access Point and a Router Modem ? just trying to get a clearer picture cause is a little vague,but thats can shed more light on the matter as we go. ; )

jancemord, Aug 1, 12:11am
Tessal it sure is

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