New AC adapter makes touchpad weird

New AC adapter makes touchpad weird My original HP notebook AC power pack died last week, so I purchased one here off TM. Used a friends in the mean time.. Well I have noticed that since using the new one, the touchpad goes funny, laggy, and takes heaps of clicks on things to work etc. Soemtimes the cursor gets stuck and wont move further etc. So I just changed back to friends borrowed power pack, and it is fine. Wtf. I didnt think that a power pack would make my touchpad funny?

geek_snuzal, Aug 1, 1:21 pm

Is it the same voltage/amperage etc as the old one ?

geek_drcspy, Aug 1, 1:54 pm

If its off here, its a counterfeit one, and probably has too much earth leakage which messes up capacitive sensors like touchpads. You will probably also find you get small shocks off the exposed parts of the laptop like USB ports etc.

whats the listing number of what you bought?

geek_richms, Aug 1, 2:35 pm

Yea input and output both seem to be the same.. item 232354583, but its funny you mention shocks, because i got them this morning.

geek_snuzal, Aug 1, 3:51 pm

that is cheap chinese shit with no approvals whatsoever despite what the label says.

Get a real adapter from the laptop manufacture. have a search for counterfeit power adapters to see how bad some of them perform when a scope is put on the output.

Is it even a 3 pin power cable on it? That should take most of the leakage away, but then you get problems with circuit protection tripping (rightly so) because of all the leakage current.

geek_richms, Aug 1, 3:57 pm

Seemed to have fixed the touchpad, I used my original 3 pin cord, and plugged it into the new box thingy. Seems to have stopped electric shocks and touchpad going funny.

geek_snuzal, Aug 2, 11:11 am

HahaI had a HP power adapter off here, and I got shocks too :S

geek_45kiwi, Aug 2, 11:40 am