Toshiba Satellite L30 Bios Password Woes

6mooars, Aug 1, 5:28am
Toshiba Satellite L30 Bios Password Woes Hey All

I was wondering if anyone knew the way to remove the bios and boot password from a Toshiba Satellite L30? I've spent hours searching and trying all sorts of different ways suggested, but no biscuit.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

kevlight, Aug 1, 6:30am
Try this

mechnificent, Aug 2, 2:46am
Some bios cam be wiped with a bit of hardware that plugs into a printer plug, others you can short a set of contacts somewhere on the motherboard, often under the ram. Sometimes software can get rid of the passwords. You need to swat up some more or pay a technician to do it for you.

Google for passwrod removers.

r.g.nixon, Aug 2, 2:51am
The owner might remember the password perhaps if you took it back?

mechnificent, Aug 2, 2:53am
Go here and have a read then follow links

6mooars, Aug 2, 3:22am
Thanks all@2, thanks, pretty much every item on the first 2 pages I had all ready been too, but thank you for your suggestion.

@3&5, thanks for the link in 5, that is one that I had not come across, and a good outline of making the loop back plug.. it is a shame that the L30 doesn't have a Parallel port lol. I will be looking further into the Bulletin link though, but will take some additional searching around Toshiba's site as the link is now invalid. And as for the "take it to a tech.." being one myself, I was trying to avoid that lol.. oh well, I may hav to bite the bullet lol.

@4, unfortunately we purchased it from someone who was moving overseas who advertised some other items we were interested in in the local paper.. and has since left (got it for a song, so am not complaining too loudly).

Again, thanks to all for your responces :-)

cfs, Aug 2, 7:51am
Short out the jumper(JP1) under the wi-fi card for 15 seconds.

guest, Jun 26, 11:46am
Thanks Geek_cfs Short out the jumper(JP1) under the wi-fi card for 15 seconds did that. thanks again

lamb, Mar 21, 3:53am
May i know how to perform the 'short out' on the JP1 jumper ?

lamb, Mar 21, 4:04am
i've got it ! touched both contact points with a screw driver. Thanks for the helpful info. You guys rock!

sami_youkhana, Jun 9, 11:31pm
Make sure the battery is disconnected (pulled out) when jumping JP1 for 15 seconds. Then reinsert battery and power on and reset time and date in bios.

metter, Sep 28, 9:54am
geek_cfs. Thank you for your information, saved me alot of trouble. Thanks

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