Building my own gaming pc..

agefong, Aug 1, 9:06am
Building my own gaming pc.. Ok, got the case (ATX) and PSU so have fitted that in, got my hdd of price spy as well.

dont really know too much about mobo's but looking for a intel core 2 duo, how many pci slots do they usually have? as I need to fit a wireless card, graphics card and possibly tv tuner if money allows.

Would I be able to get one in the range of the $200-$300

bit, Aug 1, 9:30am
Yes Then you need the CPU and RAM. (The MB maybe $150 or even less depending on how good a one you get). Most have plenty PCI slots. Make sure it has a PCI express slot for graphics adapter. Some have two PCI-e slots so you can have two matched graphics cards working together if you want.

vtecintegra, Aug 1, 10:10am
There isn't anything wrong with a low end board - I'm running a ~$120 Asus P5KPL/1600 (PCI-Ex16 x2, PCIx3) with decent results. A more expensive board will give more USB ports, firewire, e-sata and also be a bit faster but will cost about double.

vtecintegra, Aug 1, 10:12am
BTW graphics cards fit into a PCI-Ex16 slot so make sure your board has at least one of these - normal PCI slots are useless for anything even slightly modern.

agefong, Aug 2, 6:31am
Alrightbeen doing some online shopping and this is what ive got. mobo - Core 2 Duo E7500 CPU, 2.93GHz dual core 3MB L2-------case off trademe------2gb Ram.

agefong, Aug 2, 6:32am
Still after a graphics card though....anyone know which nvidia geforce cards have hdmi out and reasonably priced?

lostdude, Aug 2, 6:54am
Ifyou want good gaming graphics & value for money, then I suggest an SLi board & 2x 9600GTs. They run just shy of a GTX280 in performance comparison. (bear in mind the 9600GT is SLi, even if it doesn't say so) If you want to future proof, then I suggest you wait for dx11 cards at the end of the year.

agefong, Aug 2, 7:17am
Not going to be a top of the line gaming rig so have just got a cheapish mobo with pci e - just ordered a Geforce 9600GT 512mb card. just looking to get into some rts games like red alert, age of empires and starcraft

lostdude, Aug 2, 7:39am
LOL if rpgs are all you're going to be playing, then even an HD3450 will suit you just fine

agefong, Aug 2, 7:41am
Yea i know but would like to have the option to try some more graphic intensive games later on

deus701, Aug 2, 8:01am
If it was me i would invest more in the boardyou can always update the other components another time. And I would definately choose ATI card major problems with nvidia 8 series cards.

vtecintegra, Aug 2, 8:35am
Nothing to stop you updating the board too (indeed with i7 and DDR3 taking over you'd likely have to anyway)

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