Can't access my External Hard Drive,

Can't access my External Hard Drive, Well it is a friends acutally. It has literally hundreds of irreplaceable photos on it. And not everything was backed up. It got dropped and now has a click on start up. The click stops, and you can see the the drive under my computer, but when you try to access the files it says to put in the disk. Under properties it shows 0 used and 0 free. Is there anything I can do to recover the files.

geek_rawill, Aug 2, 12:10 pm

.Don't turn it on again, it's possible you could scratch the platters. If it's something simple like it is sticking, there's a few things you can do to try and fix it. I recommend taking it to a professional. Take this as a lesson though, never have your precious data only on one drive.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 2, 12:30 pm

You might be needing something like this

geek_paddaricko, Aug 2, 12:37 pm

3If it's sticking and not spinning up, recovery software isn't going to help.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 2, 12:38 pm

Are you sure about that? try another usb port. I guess you would of tried that poster ?

geek_paddaricko, Aug 2, 12:49 pm

You need data recovery specialists they replace the circuit boards & head assembly with one from an identical drive under strict laminar flow conditions (so no dust gets in). Don't know the cost, but will be hours of expensive work.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 2, 12:52 pm

5If the drive is making a clicking sound, it means it's trying to spin up but it's sticking. Therefore no recovery software will work, because the drive cannot actually spin up properly to read the data on the platters. Therefore it needs physical repairs done to it. However, there are a few tricks to try and "unstick" it, I just recommend getting a professional to do them.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 2, 12:52 pm

6Don't get ahead of yourself now :P It doesn't sound like a head crash or anything like that. There a few much cheaper ways to try and fix it if the head is just sticking.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 2, 12:53 pm

But yeah, better do as suicide says. Take it to a pro, before you damage it beyond repair. Spinrite does have a good reputation, though may not be possible to use in your case.

geek_paddaricko, Aug 2, 12:53 pm

Thanks people My professional was going to send it Auckland. Maybe cost $2000.00 and still not get the data. So I am looking for another way.

geek_rawill, Aug 2, 1:22 pm

I'd take it to the pros if sudden deceleration has occurred to the drive. spinrite is mostly spin

geek_gibler, Aug 2, 1:38 pm

Yeah the sysmptoms you are saying sound like something you need a professional to look at. I have 3x1TB drives sitting here that have been given to me over the last 6-8 months that have crashed on numerous people i know, & have been given to me to look at, & possibly repair if i can. Havnen't had any luck with any of them yet :(

geek_mysteryman007, Aug 2, 1:41 pm

What make are those Tb drives you have 007? I went and bought one yesterday.A Western Digital my book. My rego email came through for the paragon programme. I used another address. Dunno why my first address didn't.

geek_paddaricko, Aug 2, 1:50 pm

2xseagate, 1xWD Two of them were out of one of those seagate freeagents, i had to remove from cases, but both cases were split from the fall. The western digital was a drive a mate bought in oz, got back here & lasted 2 days :( but that is making a different noise than the other 2, which is similar to the sound the ops one is making. One day ill get time to pull one apart & have a play. Tried a few other tricks but nothing worked.

geek_mysteryman007, Aug 2, 2:04 pm

They got dropped as well? Easily done eh? I read a few good reviews about the WD I bought. Time will tell.

geek_paddaricko, Aug 2, 2:13 pm

Yup one was dropped by a partner of a workmate down there from concrete steps, & the other was flung from the table into the wall, due to the son moving the drive from one pc to another that were different ends of the room, but didnt unplug the power, just stretched the cable till it just reached other table, but boys dad walked in didnt see cord across the room & lanched it straight out of the pc & into the wall hahaha. I was there about 30mins after, as he was a mate i was calling in to see. It was his dads mates drive aswell, so my mate had to pay for a new one when they were about $300 still :( WD just didnt work one day? or so i was told by the guy who brought it back from oz.

geek_mysteryman007, Aug 2, 2:19 pm

From=front ...

geek_mysteryman007, Aug 2, 2:21 pm

I'd definitly try the software cures. I have fixed drives before that clicked and clicked and didn't even show up, then came back to life with a spinrite or MBR, or both, or some other program similar to spinrite. There are lots of things to try before letting the "experts" try them for you. The chances are that the experts(that can't gaurantee results), will try all the software tools, possibly loosing data just as you may, then condemm it, or call you and ask you for the go ahead with highly dubious mechanical repairsthat will be on your head, after they know they have already done some damage. You might as well try yourself.

geek_mechnificent, Aug 2, 2:36 pm

.Before you try the software, chuck it in the freezer for a night. Seriously. The clicking usually indicates the part of the hard drive that reads the platters has stuck. Freezing it can contract the parts and cause them to unstick. I've tried it before and it has worked.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 2, 2:58 pm

I tried the freezer trick it didnt work for me tho on any of them :(

geek_mysteryman007, Aug 2, 3:02 pm

Yup, that and make sure you have plenty of power getting to it, perhaps use a seperate power supply. Be ready to get everything off it as quickly as possible too if it does fire up.

geek_mechnificent, Aug 2, 3:03 pm

20Yeah it's a bit hit or miss. I had one a few months back that was clicking. A short sharp whack with a rubber hammer sorted it out. Obviously I got all the data off it and chucked it away after that.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 2, 3:13 pm

Thanks again people I will try the freezer trick first. I was wondering about the hammer trick. I fixed two cameras like that. One was a Konica/Minolta Dimage Z3. Insurance already paid out on it. I was about to bin it and I decided to check www. I wish I had read this when it went bad on the second day of our UK Europe holiday!! Would have saved me buying a new camera in Bath!

geek_rawill, Aug 2, 6:02 pm

Nothing worked Getting it cold or getting it warm. Nothing made any difference. Still no access. I think I give up, it will cost too much to get the the data back.

geek_rawill, Aug 3, 9:57 am

If you can see the drive under 'my computer' There's a good chance it's still quite recoverable using a linux rescue CD and a bit of know-how. See if you can find a Linux Users Group nearby, they might be able to help you.

geek_little_egypt, Aug 3, 10:11 am

Or send it to someone from on here. I would look at it for you and "do no harm"(first rule). If you can get the hard-drive out, which should only be a small screw or two, then you could wrap it in cardboard, slip it into a bubble pack and send it on a courier.

geek_mechnificent, Aug 3, 11:49 am

It is an external hard drive. I am going to be in Wellington this week. I know a guy there who is in to Linux.


geek_rawill, Aug 3, 12:58 pm