Acer laptops- okay or stay away?

Acer laptops- okay or stay away? I'm looking at new laptops and was wondering what peoples thoughts are on acer?

geek_sneeze04, Aug 2, 6:41 pm

Support is terrible.. quality is questionable ..bottom of the barrel brand (in general). Avoid.

geek_gibler, Aug 2, 6:41 pm

What i have heard is stay away. .

geek_laj3, Aug 2, 6:42 pm

Stay away I have had a succession of acer laptops and they are CRAP

geek_45kiwi, Aug 2, 6:53 pm

Get one - from a retailer you hate they can be value for money if on a good special. Then backup your data every day until it fails in about 2 years. Then you can go the retailer quoting the CGA, to get a free replacement!

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 2, 7:00 pm

.Stay away. I had one. Didn't last long. Go for Asus or Toshiba.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 2, 7:02 pm

Just to buck the trend, I've had a good run with Acers (apart from my Aspire One being DOA). Had terrible luck with Toshibas

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 2, 7:28 pm

Doesn't matter what brand you buy there are always lemons, if you get a lemon Acer, they get sent to Sydney for servicing fyi.

geek_nzmu, Aug 2, 7:49 pm

.Would NEVER go ASUS again. Thanks guys- that was what I was thinking. Will most likely go Compaq again

geek_sneeze04, Aug 2, 7:49 pm

Lol if trend stats are what you're afterfor the past 2 years, the most laptops I've serviced so far (& by a far margin at that) has been Acers. They range in age from 0-6yrs. 2nd place goes to HP/Compaq & 3rd Dell. Though around 30% of hp/compaqs were just downgrades to xp but it still topped Dell. Other brands are negligible.

geek_lostdude, Aug 2, 7:53 pm

Have had one for five years and it has run slow since an Auckland computer shop rebuilt it. Takes seven minutes from boot to IE opening. I still travel with it but would prefer something lighter.

Having Geeks work on it again this week. Not sure if I am wasting my money. What do you think, Lostdude?

geek_footplate1, Aug 2, 8:03 pm

I hvacer aspir 5310 haventhaduch problems with except for a key coming off.i dont know how good t other brands are so i cant compare.

geek_movies2go, Aug 2, 8:52 pm

What bollocks you lot.I see more threads on here about the like of toshiba's and othe brands crapping out than acer. A long as you don't use it for a basket ball Acer's are fine.

geek_babcorp, Aug 2, 9:54 pm

1st of all, what initial problems did you have with it? What did that Auckland company say was wrong with it & what repairs did they do? 2ndly, what other problems are you experiencing now apart from slow startup if any? . I speak from experience of more than just 1. Threads here don't indicate anything other than a trend of copycats which is predominant with ~90% of help requests.

geek_lostdude, Aug 2, 10:33 pm

My one had a year warranty. It lasted 53 weeks and died (never trvelled,total usage under 10 hours).

geek_moby, Aug 2, 11:08 pm

I'd only get their Atom based netbooks. Virtually no moving parts = less chance of problems.

geek_hdmovies, Aug 2, 11:18 pm

I took it in to the repair shop as its wifi reception died while I was off-shore and the optical reader failed to read. Replaced latter and reinstalled wifi - and then said they had rebuilt (reloaded?) from drivers on-line. Didn't ask me if I still had the CDs. And it has been slow ever since. As I say, seven minutes from power on to IE opening and only slightly faster for OE. Frankly, it wasn't slow before the rebuild - and I am tired of being shrugged off at this reputable Newton outlet.

geek_footplate1, Aug 3, 11:58 am

16I can confirm the Aspire One Netbooks are pretty tough (even the hard disk model) - mine survived backpacking around south east asia unscathed (aside from the rubber feet coming off in extreme heat).

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 3, 12:08 pm

Mine had a broken screen when i got it, response from acerdo you really want a replacementu can hardly tell.
then after maucking round with a replacement, took so long i cldnt get my cashback

geek_quotejoss, Aug 3, 12:44 pm

Not a brand I would recommend. Major hardware faults after 9 months, then appalling service from Acer.

geek_actros2, Aug 3, 4:19 pm

Oh well like someone above I have an elcheapo, Acer Aspire 5310. Got my mother one at the same time. They didn't give my mother her cashback. Mine has been fine, only issue is vodafone vodem disconnecting. And lately, sometimes it takes about 15 minutes to shut down. But hey it only cost $800.00 what can you really buy for that money.

geek_rawill, Aug 3, 4:50 pm

I've had a good run with Acer as wellGot a new 5315 laptop for around $500, swapped out the Celeron CPU for a Core2Duo, added some ram, dumped Vista in favour of XP, and it's been an excellent rock-solid wee machine ever since Badly mistreated in the hands of a uni student too.

geek_peg228, Aug 3, 5:09 pm

Wouldn't recommend personally Even Dell is better and I don't particularly like them. Ya just missed a laptop sale at Noel Leeming recently - some pretty good deals.

geek_q300, Aug 3, 7:00 pm

Acers are rubbish..had one with mobo probs Asus is a good brand. A pity most people confuse the two.

geek_deus701, Aug 3, 7:14 pm

Reliability You can't base your experience on having owned one or two of something. As a PC Business owner I both sell and repair PCs. laptops included. I note the failure rate of them, plus the parts in them as that is more accurate. Acer use ECS motherboards. Always. They have a 30% failure rate. If you think thats not high, ASUS motherboards have a .5% failure rate or less.

geek_lythande1, Aug 3, 7:44 pm

During media (music, movies etc) playback, does the picture/sound skip like it's stalling? That shop sounds incompetent to me if they had to retrieve drivers online?...

geek_lostdude, Aug 3, 8:05 pm

You're quoting one case that was a successful claim against the manufacturer. ITS ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS.

it say's 'reasonable' period NOT FIVE YEARS for a computer.

In my opinion I don't know why people expect computers to last 5 years when in theory the technology is surpassed after 6-12 months.

geek_marky41, Aug 3, 8:18 pm

They should easily last 5 years.. ..and a ruling by the disputes tribunal has came up with a 5 year value as being reasonable (with makes sense to me). After all, Seagate had 5 year warranties on their hard drives. Electronics don't last forever but if properly designed should last well over 5 years.

geek_gibler, Aug 3, 8:29 pm

Quote from Dell about that case (from

Thanks again for contacting Dell and for giving us the opportunity to comment.

In this case, we reimbursed [the Consumer member] for the expenses he incurred to repair his computer because the expenses were incurred directly by him
Separately, the court did not make any orders about a five-year warranty and to the best of our knowledge there is no such requirement to do so under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

We apologise for any inconvenience incurred.

Kind regards,

Marty Filipowski
Dell Corporate Communications

Notice the third paragaraph? No where in the act does it say 5 YEARS.

geek_marky41, Aug 3, 8:44 pm