HDTV Acer 1916 just tried HDTV resolution

olack, Aug 2, 11:38am
HDTV Acer 1916 just tried HDTV resolution 400dpi, something like that and the display no longer shows filckering around the edges. Can anyone explain how I am supposed to set this monitor up. I pressed buttons on the front and set it into screen saving mode I think it is called, the whole screen changes colours, blue, red, yellow, white and repeats. I have a analogue DVI cable connected to a 8600GT card DVI digital output. During setup, can't remember what got me that far, got asked does mdisplay?? support HDTV, because nothing was working properly went YES and set it 400dpi and screen looks ok.

olack, Aug 2, 12:01pm
Now I see the graphics card supports HDTV up to 1080dpi. Woot it looks great at 400dpi, can't wait. Does the monitor need any special specification to set it to 1080dpi?

olack, Aug 2, 12:37pm
Ah, very wise...I see you are getting used to having me around...solved but...how do I set the picture to become Full Screen. At the moment it has blue around the outsides and does not fill the screen.

drcspy, Aug 2, 5:12pm
Refresh rate can affect this olack also on the osd menu you may be able to change the screen size

olack, Aug 2, 9:41pm
Click ring ding...if the resolution changes from 60 to 75 is it likely the full resltution will be avaiable. I can get up 756dpi(approximate dpi) but the monitor specifications show 1080dpi is available and so is the graphics card 1080dpi. I tried the Display Wizard and then Typical Settings and the screen stretched I think but it is full now. Wow, I can't believe I got this monitor working. I have to reinstall Nvidia software to Resolve a version mismatch.

olack, Aug 2, 9:50pm
Drcspy, what is happening with the screen saver colour changes. Is it ok to leave it or is it better to leave that off? I think that is a default sceensaver. My brother asked about this, he thought his monitor was broken but I got it to work normally somehow but now I forget what I did then. When I was trying to get the monitor to work the Windows Bliss screensaver came on in 4 sections...what would have made that happen? Is the a Bank in the monitor where settings are saved? I see there is 3 sorts of Banks. Happy Sunday to all...

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