this is incredible...this acer

olack, Aug 2, 12:42pm
This is incredible...this acer monitor. I paid thirty dollars for it because it didn't work. I have had it for 9 months not working and took it apart and tightened one thing and it went ok then stopped so I tried selling it 4 times. I even sent it away sold to the Sth Islkand and it had to come back because it did not work LOL and now I find it will work as a digital monitor when the ports on it are both identified as analogue ports. It is working with a perfect picture in digital mode!!! Can someone look at these pictures and tell me how to get the screen to go Full Screen please. it seems this digital output information is available when it is in digital mode...woo. Picture links in next post.

olack, Aug 2, 12:46pm
Links to pictures...and, a dinosaur footprint over a mans footprint - you figure it out and a rather special erm ...

olack, Aug 2, 1:04pm
Another thing I just noticed...before I forgetlogging this so I don't the blue picture with the information it seems to indicate there is a Bank for storing data. It seems to be showing the total time the monitor has been used. Can anyone enlighten me of that? The manuals I downloaded from acer europe have specs and basic features and mention noting about this little digital osd and what it shows. Iam wondering if the "bank was full and that may be why there was black around the edges and shimmering all over the screen before I found the digital mode.

olack, Aug 2, 1:18pm
Lol, I hope this monitor keeps is hoping

little_egypt, Aug 2, 11:38pm
Interesting 'fake' fossil [] detailed analysis of why it's almost certainly a fake. and wikipedia [] mentions that even creationists wish Carl Baugh would STFU because he's so obviously full of crap. "Some Christians will try to use Baugh's 'evidences' in witnessing and get 'shot down' by someone who is scientifically literate. The ones witnessed to will thereafter be wary of all creation evidences and even more inclined to dismiss Christians as nut cases not worth listening to." according to Don Batten, of Creation Ministries International. ROFL.

badcam, Aug 2, 11:47pm
Yuk! Yuk! I thought it might have been the first record of a Moa fatality. I can see the headlines "Maori Warrior doesn't see giant chicken crossing the the forest path".

olack, Aug 3, 7:50am
Fake footprints in certified cretaceous rockxrayed tell me what you think after looking at this video.

olack, Aug 3, 8:00am
Oh well, so it's limestone. So how do you take soft limestone and print a human and a dinosaur footprint into it then harden it and then xray it 800 times and in detail examine the densities of the compressions in the solidified limestone around the footprint impressions by looking at the lighter areas and the darker areas and then even suggest the footprints could have been carved or made can't.

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