Losing formatting in Open Office Word Documents

carparkaddict, Aug 2, 8:46pm
Losing formatting in Open Office Word Documents I keep losing my formatting when saving a file as a .doc in open office. Is there any way around this?

r.g.nixon, Aug 2, 8:54pm
You should only lose the odd bit of formatting that is specific to Openoffice. Are you doing some advanced layout stuff? If so, print to a PDF file instead of DOC.

drcspy, Aug 2, 9:39pm
It's 'export as pdf' in open office......it'll make sure you dont lose any formatting.

little_egypt, Aug 2, 9:45pm
The other solution Save as ODT give them a copy of OpenOffice with the document(s). not so easy when you're emailing them, but I often do this when I give people documents on usb stick or CD. That way you can use all the features of OOo and be sure that they'll see the document exactly as you created it.

drcspy, Aug 2, 9:51pm
It's actually a bit amazing how many 'office' people have NO idea what to do when someone emails them an ODT file. They *ususally* have MsOffice of course and of course it wont open odt's ......this more often than not stumps them. Also many just cant seem to handle the two different types of file formats and office programs just confuse them lol....I really think that training establishments such as schools and tertiary faculties etc have a bit of responsibility here and should be at least getting people aware of the differences. I feel that more businesses will be 'going to' open office now and in the future as Ms office is just throwing money away really.

little_egypt, Aug 2, 10:05pm
Or worse Office2K7 SP2 makes a half-assed attempt to read opendocument files. Basically they were forced to add it to continue qualifying for various local-government contracts, so they did the absolute minimum to comply. "work to rule" is alive and well in Redmond.

johnlyn, Aug 2, 10:23pm
@ thats why I write side by side notes of OO & MS for my students

drcspy, Aug 2, 10:30pm
Well done........

cjdnzl, Aug 3, 11:04am
Prolly a bit late with this, but if I am doing an OOo document with the intention of turning it into a .doc file, I open a blank .odt file, then save it as a .doc file first up before writing anything. Now what I see is what I get in a .doc file. If you work in an .odt file and convert to .doc at the end you will get formatting errors.

woogmo, Aug 3, 7:07pm
that is mostly political based on 2 facts 1) IT staff prefer MS office (less often these days) 2) teachers have the same problem as office staff in that they are MS trained and dont like change. I'm an ICT teacher and would love to have openoffice to show something different (as I do with firefox & gimp) and I have the backing of the IT staff but management aren't so interested

drcspy, Aug 3, 7:39pm
Bet they'd show more interest if the cost of ms office came out of their own pockets.

little_egypt, Aug 3, 10:27pm
Or at least their own budget be interesting to see what happens if the MSFT in schools deal goes the same way as the g2009 agreement.

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