Advice on using computer restore

dreena, Aug 3, 8:45am
Advice on using computer restore Hi there, I'm just after some advice on my good old home computer which is 2 years old and has finally started to slow down a bit. I do all the maintenance etc regularly but was wondering whether to do a system restore to restore the computer to its original settings or just to upgrade the RAM. It s got 2 ram chips of 512 MB (1054 total) and the specs say it also has room for chips 3 & 4 and how if this is the best option would I configure the Ram ie does it have to be in equal pairs?? Thanks in advance for any help.

suicidemonkey, Aug 3, 9:14am
.The Windows system restore utility will only take the system back to a previous date and usually won't fix issues that slow the computer down. 1GB is enough RAM for Windows XP to run on, so the best bet is to back up all of your data and use the original XP disc to reinstall the operating system. It's a bit of a mission if you've never done it before though.

dreena, Aug 3, 9:21am
Computer restore help Sorry I forgot to mention the computer is running Vista. I know that 1 Gig is the minimum for this so wonder if thats why its slowing down.It also has 250gb storage so that should be plenty for a home computer??.

suicidemonkey, Aug 3, 9:24am
Oh Vista.. Yeah another gig of RAM would definitely help. And amount of storage totally depends on what you have stored. Vista takes up about 10GB or so, then it really depends what you have personally stored on the drive.

blacklisted2, Aug 3, 9:34am
Definately get more ram

deodar, Aug 3, 9:47am
As you boot it does it have an F11 option? For a complete system recovery?If
so don't.

hakatere1, Aug 3, 1:30pm
The amount of ram you have now will be the same as it was when it was faster. Ram doesn't lose power over time (unless one stick dies). Your lack of speed will be sw related (virus spyware), or un-needed crap starting at startup. Start/Run type msconfig and press enter. Go to startup and uncheck everything except av and firewall, restart and see if that makes a difference.

nzmu, Aug 3, 5:35pm
A simple testyou can use most usb sticks as extra ram. Using one at least 1gig (empty), pop it in and choose the 'speed up my system' option. You should be able to tell if this helps.

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