ADSL Router recommendations required please

badcam, Aug 3, 7:34pm
ADSL Router recommendations required please My DynalinkRTA1046VW has just gone kaput. Could I have some suggestions for a replacement? I require at least one ATA port for Voip, ADSL2+ and would like to be able to open-wrt it. The open-wrt is a want not a need. Price is more important I suppose, and of course availability, because I need one ASAP. What do you recommend folks? Thanks.

badcam, Aug 3, 7:43pm
Oh and Wifi. I'm lucky that for the moment I have an old Telecom modem a friend gave me. So, I have a few days thinking about it (just no home phone). Anyway, if you'd like to throw some suggestions my way...

badcam, Aug 3, 7:50pm
Oh...and Gigabit Ethernet ports. All this for under $50 would be just down my street.

vtecintegra, Aug 4, 1:26am
I've had a good run with Linksys gear, but only after replacing the default firmware with DD-WRT (plenty of crashes and freezes with torrents and steam on the Linksys supplied firmware). Be careful though, not all models, or all revisions of models are capable of running alternative firmware (ever changing specs)

intrade, Aug 4, 1:47am
Best to get are linksys , us-robotics or 3com....

puslek, Aug 4, 1:59am
Yep US Robotics or 3COM

badcam, Aug 4, 7:01pm
Miracle of Miracles. My Router has decided to start behaving itself again. After dozens of hard resets, reloading the backup .xml file, resetting again, reloading the setup by hand, something inside it has decide to play ball. For how long I have no idea, but at least it's going for now. For now.

lucky015, Aug 4, 8:03pm
My RTA1335 Is playing up so I'm thinking a Linksys might be a good thing to buy soon...

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