Is Vodafone nz Dual band or Tri band

Is Vodafone nz Dual band or Tri band Thanks a lot!

geek_comfreak91, Aug 4, 4:39 pm

Dual band GSM 900mhz / 1800mhz 3G UTMS 2100mhz / 900mhz

geek_profink, Aug 4, 5:10 pm

UMTS*** Wish we had an edit button!

geek_profink, Aug 4, 5:12 pm

Thanks! So if i have no use for 3g, dual band would be equally as good? Cheers

geek_comfreak91, Aug 4, 5:15 pm

Yes. As longAs your phone is GSM 900/1800mhz capable. Most GSM handsets should have at least one of those frequencies.

geek_profink, Aug 4, 5:25 pm

Thanks appreciate it

geek_comfreak91, Aug 4, 5:34 pm

There are a lot of cheap phones that are 800/1900 for the states if you are looking online for a phone.

geek_richms, Aug 4, 7:18 pm