Dorz anyone know if a acer 3600gt desktop is good

Dorz anyone know if a acer 3600gt desktop is good hi just wondering i brought a acer3600gt desktop in good working condition wanting to know if can can play n e games

geek_gypsi13, Aug 4, 8:35 pm


geek_gypsi13, Aug 4, 8:56 pm

Can you put up some specs for it? CPU, memory, graphics card, HDD size and then some-one here should be able to help. Don't do games and cant say for sure without specs.

geek_mojo49, Aug 4, 8:58 pm

Acer 3ghz cpu speed i gb ram 40gig hd not to sure bout the grafics n stuff tho.n e thoughts would be appreciated

geek_gypsi13, Aug 4, 9:01 pm

If you know the games you want to play you should try and use Google to search for them and they will tell you the minimum specs you need for each game you search for.

geek_mojo49, Aug 4, 9:09 pm

What sort of games did you have in mind?
much newer games [Crysis, Gta 4 etc] will require a fast computer.
Do you know what the processor is? like a; Core 2 duo, Phenom?
also if you could find out the graphics card it would be really helpful as the graphics card is going to play a big part in what games you can play.

geek_-kiel-, Aug 4, 9:10 pm

Okthanks alot guys

geek_gypsi13, Aug 4, 9:15 pm