Help can not access my email

Help can not access my email heve got thunderbird 3 now everytime I try to download my e-mail it tells me to enter new password.
I can sent e-mail but not recieve anything.
Any help would be appreciated.

geek_smokeyu, Aug 5, 12:54 am

Thunderbird 3? Is it Beta? so you enter the password and tick the "use password manager blah blah"

geek_soodanim, Aug 5, 1:05 am

Have tried typing password in but it won't accept it haven't changed password.
first time I have struck this asking for a new password.
and yep it is thunderbird 3 beta.

geek_smokeyu, Aug 5, 1:18 am

Are you sure you've got the settings correct then?

geek_soodanim, Aug 5, 1:19 am

Thunderbird always does this until you check the box (and have the password and settings correct of course)....So who's your ISP? and what have you got in to pop/smtp settings....?

geek_soodanim, Aug 5, 1:22 am

Yahoo problem solved but the puzzling thing is I never removed from box.
Don't know why it kept asking for new password.
Checked settings and everything.
So created a new account with same password and deleted old one.
Up and running now.
thanks for your help.Greatly appreciated. Cheers.

geek_smokeyu, Aug 5, 2:01 am