Printer question

bronze625, Aug 5, 8:55pm
Printer question Is there problems using compatible inks in the printer , Are the inks as good. Thanks

hakatere1, Aug 5, 9:00pm
Only way to find out, try a set.

r.g.nixon, Aug 5, 9:00pm
There can be problems the inks are sometimes as good.

bronze625, Aug 5, 9:01pm
What sort of problems, damage to the printer???

r.g.nixon, Aug 5, 11:02pm
Nojust bad quality prints.

b.squid, Aug 5, 11:31pm
I've been using generic ink in my Canon printer for over 12 months,the only difference between Canon ink tanks and generic ones, is the price.My printer takes 5 seperate tanks and I use it for printing high quality photos and there is no noticable difference in the quality of the prints.

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