are there any vodafone handsets that you

girlpowernz, Aug 5, 11:20pm
Are there any vodafone handsets that you can use your xt sim card in ??

we were told anything 850mhz by a woman at vodafone ?? so we bought a v3 and its not working with the xt sim card . anyone else tried it ??

vtecintegra, Aug 5, 11:23pm
The XT network is 3G only, so you will need a handset that works with the 850MHz UTMS (3g) network. I don't think nay of the Motorola V3 variants will work.

vtecintegra, Aug 5, 11:32pm
BTW there is a compatibility checker on the Telecom website -

cybertao, Aug 5, 11:34pm
V3s are quad-band though, aren't they? Perhaps the phone needs to be unlocked if it's Vodafone branded.

vtecintegra, Aug 5, 11:39pm
The originals were quad band, but only 2g (XT is 3g only). According to the V3xx should work, but the other V3s won't

girlpowernz, Aug 6, 12:34am
Thanks wished id asked here as well before jumping in :)

cybertao, Aug 6, 12:38am
Did you buy it from Vodafone? If they told you it would work on XT and doesn't, you are entitled to return it under the CGA.

traceedwards, Aug 6, 12:40am
Fair Trading Act

carlie, Aug 6, 12:52am
850 WCDMA (or whatever the letters are), Vodafone is GSM. There are some phones that will do both but not many. Phones in NZ are not allowed to be sold locked by the retailer. Import phones on here may be different.

ross1970, Aug 6, 1:10am
Http:// Been posted before but the top 2 or 3 threads on the above forum page are good XT info.

girlpowernz, Aug 6, 9:19pm
Thanks very much

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