Lost disc to install printer,

suka, Apr 19, 4:37am
Lost disc to install printer, how can do this without the disc?

pcmaster, Apr 19, 4:38am
Crystal ball needs a clean cant read your printers make and model#....

1clickaway, Apr 19, 4:39am
Hmm Moe info: Like model of printer: what operating system you are running. Without these: how can we point you in the right direction?

pheonix, Apr 19, 4:39am
Go to the makers website and look under support for drivers for your particular model of printer and Windows version.

suka, Apr 19, 4:41am
Running Xp the printer/scanner is an Epson Stylus CX3700.

cadifan, Apr 19, 4:42am
Most printer drivers are listed in windows. IF you go to "Printers and Faxes" then click on "Add Printer" and go from there I think you'll eventually get to a menu list of printer models. Just select yours and away you go.

suka, Apr 19, 4:45am
Umm cadifan its asking fot the installation disc which I have lost.

pheonix, Apr 19, 4:53am
Download here http://tinyurl.com/64cvwb and then browse to the folder when it asks for the CD.

suka, Apr 19, 6:47am
Mmm tried this site pheonix, but there was a message thingo saying something about not to install it.....

pheonix, Apr 19, 6:54am
So you downloaded the file from that site "Printer Driver 5.9aE" and then double-clicked it?

sanders4, Apr 19, 10:44am
Printer drivers Go to www.epsom.co.nz to find drivers.

suka, Apr 20, 4:28am
This is too hard I will just get another printer. LOL!!!!

susievb, Apr 21, 4:37am
I have the same one as you so if you are really stuck email me at susievb at g mail and send address and I will send off a copy of my disk.

soodanim, Apr 21, 8:04am
Just install it the "warning" is just that the drivers have not been verified, it doesn't mean they won't work

suka, Apr 21, 8:15am
Heeeheee!!! well I gave it a go again, then when I went to print, word asked me to "save as".........

ferrit47, Apr 22, 4:32am
Hey what make Make & model do you have ?

soodanim, Apr 22, 4:37am
Cos you've obviously not got it set as your default printer. Control Panel, Printers. Click on the Printer Name, right click and "Set as Default Printer"

suka, Apr 22, 9:25am
Don't worry ppl's. One of the members here have helped me out. "0

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