danchop, Aug 7, 6:49am
1gb how many mega bytes make up one gig please?

dunedin_ree, Aug 7, 6:49am
Google it. you might learn something.

little_egypt, Aug 7, 6:54am
Http://xkcd.com/394/ solved..

danchop, Aug 7, 7:04am
Took twos advice so its 1024mb man thats scary for me

profink, Aug 7, 7:05am
Not to sound like an a**hole , but Seriously, how hard is it to visit www.google.com, type that exact question into the search box, find an answer in a few seconds and learn for yourself? Versus asking the question here, checking back every so often for replies to find one like this very message that doesn't even give you the answer you want. If you can use an online auction site, I'm sure you can operate a search engine. Finding the answer on your own will be more satisfying too. /rant.

drcspy, Aug 7, 7:07am
Yeh it's actually 8589934592 ones or zeros.....

drcspy, Aug 7, 7:08am
This is a great theory: "If you can use an online auction site, I'm sure you can operate a search engine" but it's amazing how many people CANT use a search engine or dont even know they exist or what they are or are too damn lazy to bother or, or, or........

quater, Aug 7, 7:13am
Re 5& 7 But if everyone did that, would there be any posts in here? You can find any answer you want with google, so why bother coming in here anyway? What I'm saying is don't knock it, it's why there is a computing MB...I really can't stand it when people say bugger off and google it, you guys don't have to answer it ya know..rant over carry on lol

danchop, Aug 7, 7:14am
Tell u the truth i didnt even think of it but it also leads to another question that i dont think google wiii answer,although you wan**** will probably lead me to one

danchop, Aug 7, 7:21am
Got vodafone 1gb plan on tuesday right now the usage graph shows 545mb used,my last internet connection was also a 1gb and i had that over 2 years and never went over any months,so why after 4 days im half way through my usage and nothing i do on the computer has changed

quater, Aug 7, 7:26am
Well your just over half way You will be running out by the end of the month.

biggal, Aug 7, 7:58am
Sounds suspicious. What's changed?
Is there another user? I remember when the last Games were being streamed from TVNZ my usage shot up dramatically, naturally enough
but it surprised me. So look for a similar change.

aaron551, Aug 7, 9:11am
Maybe your last plan only counted downloaded data where as this counts both uploaded and downloaded data either way best thing to do would be ring Vodafone and ask them WTF biatches

mumu20, Aug 7, 11:50am
Lol at 5&7!!! I Concur

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