Help! Can I put ink in my printer after a year of

snustan, Aug 7, 8:51pm
Help! Can I put ink in my printer after a year of not using it?? My partner seems to think not but wadda you rekon?
It's a brother :) Is there anything I might need to do before putting it in like dusting??

chris283, Aug 7, 8:53pm
Plug it in and turn it on first see if it goes i would give it a blow out with the hiardryer first too - dust may make the printing smudge - if they just plug in cartriges it will probly go fine with new ink..

snustan, Aug 7, 8:54pm
Haha thanks! I knew i was right lol

pheonix, Aug 7, 8:55pm
Chances are high that the old ink is dried in the jets. It can be a real pain softening it up and cleaning it out.Sometimes even then you can't get it totally clean. Really only way to see is try it...

richms, Aug 8, 11:06pm
Try it first, if it has dead inkjets etc then some window cleaner on the parking area and leaving it for a few mins can soften it enough to get new ink flowing, that will then pull the rest out after a few prints - but with all the wasted ink and the crapness of brother inkjets you may as well just buy a new one that will come with ink.

little_egypt, Aug 8, 11:11pm
Depends what kind of refill If it's the sort where the ink and printhead are all together then it should be no problem at all. If it's just ink then you might be able to clean the heads with isopropyl, but after a year I'd say it will be good and dry and possibly not worth fixing.

drcspy, Aug 8, 11:11pm
Ha d a canon which had a removeable print head it got blocked so I tried hot water on it first that dissolved quite a bit but it still wasn't right. Next thing to try was alcohol. Didn't have any lying around except for a 12yr old bottle of chivas regal whiskey someone had given me. It was ok but i'm not that much of a whiskey fan I prefer bourbon. Well I poured about half the bottle thru the print head and left it soaking for a while in it lol. Worked quite well and the printer smelt nice too !

richms, Aug 8, 11:34pm
ammonia is death to the ink, but it damages plastics so if you sit the printhead on glass cleaner it will do it, but dont put it thru the ink supply lines since it will make it swell and block and stuff..

rozendaal, Aug 9, 7:43am
Brother printers Thats cool info. Brothers have issues with their ink tubes, mine doesn't print in colour! Now where is my isopropyl [or meths]

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