New Printer - seems like my CD reader is kaput!

parryduck, Apr 19, 5:32am
New Printer - seems like my CD reader is kaput! Frustrating! Just bought a Canon Pixma IP4300. My CD reader (asus laptop) has given up the ghost. It is not reading anything (Are these expensive to replace?)
Have tried to download drivers, even tho I am downloading for my OS, XP, but get an error message - something about not compatible with 64?? Not sure what this means?
So I cant install the printer...any suggestions please? Is there any check or test I can do on the CD reader?

pcfix4u, Apr 19, 5:49am
Check your operating system right click my computer/ properties and there it is, all your basic specs. if you are running XP it is XP32bit or XP64 bit,,,,,,you need the right version of software for printer....

parryduck, Apr 19, 5:53am
Pcfix Thanks for that - I am downloading the correct driver for my OS......I don't know what else to try at this stage. Do you happen to know of a way I can check whatever the problem is with my Cd-DVD? Do they just die without warning?

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 19, 5:56am
How old is the laptop Asus have a 2 year waranty on most stuff. And they have a bit of a habit of dying on most laptops, not just asus. They are a generic drive with a ramdom faceplate in most cases so pretty much any other laptop drive will fit if you change over the faceplate and mounting brakets if it has any.

parryduck, Apr 19, 5:58am
Thank Pyro Unfortunately out of warranty (isn't that always the way!) I'm prety green about these things....I could take it to a laptop repair place and get it fixed? Is it expensive?

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 19, 7:29am
Depends if they plan to buy a generic one and change the face plate over, which should be less than 200 including labour. If they go for a genuine part...well put it this way, last quote i got for an HP dvd reader/cd writer was about $650ish, ouch.

drcspy, Apr 19, 7:33am
Just buy an external usb one .........much cheaper .

parryduck, Apr 19, 7:40am
..... Good advice, thanks - I have, at least some sense of what I am dealing with - and possible solutions

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