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tradeagain2, Aug 8, 12:33am
System Restore Hey, I've been having problems with my Vista laptop and think a system restore may work. Just to be clear, does the system restore not alter any documents, music or picture files, but will remove programs installed since the system restore point? Thanks in advance :)

pcfix4u, Aug 8, 12:43am
First of all, what problems??? any errors???, if so post them in Google or here. System Restore will leave your docs extbut it warns you to back up data, so it can turn to shite.

tradeagain2, Aug 8, 12:48am
Okay I've posted on here before regarding various issues. The main problem is that my laptop often (about once a day or more) freezes, makes a weird clicking sound and has to be turned off. When it is turned back on it has to go through startup repair, sometimes several times. Also, my USB mouse stopped working, the light at the bottom of it comes on when plugged in but nothing happens. Mouse works fine on other computers and I have tried reinstalling the driver, have had to use touchpad. Finally whenever Vista tries to install updates it crashes and does not install them. Haha lots of problems but I think thats all of them. Any help appreciated!

r.g.nixon, Aug 8, 12:51am
Clicking could be a failinh hard drive mouse problem could be a bad motherboard or RAM.

paddaricko, Aug 8, 12:53am
Put XP on it instead, or create a partition and get Windows7 if it's not too late.

tradeagain2, Aug 8, 12:58am
Thanks Only got laptop in December last year so its still covered by warranty, guess I should get it sent away to be repaired (I would have to send it to company in Christchurch)hopefully won't take too long as I need my laptop! This is probably best option though if it may be hard drive or motherboard. Feeling tempted to put XP on it with all the crashing it does on Vista

paddaricko, Aug 8, 1:05am
And get an external to backup all your important stuff. They're cheap as now. But yeah, try a system restore. I never tried Vista, but a few on here say it's OK now. Not being able to do your updates doesn't sound good. Maybe try and get them elsewhere, instead of Microsoft. That's what I do now on XP, as I always had problems downloading from Microsoft.

tradeagain2, Aug 8, 1:40am
Yeah I have an external hard drive on which all my stuff is backed up. Its getting very frustrating having the computer crash all the time

paddaricko, Aug 8, 1:46am
If you sent it away, they'd probably just format and reinstall Vista, which you could do yourself.

tradeagain2, Aug 8, 2:11am
Just had a look at the system restore It says 'No restore points have been created on your computer's system disk'. Does this mean I can't do a system restore? wish I was more computer minded!

r.g.nixon, Aug 8, 2:17am
Yes, you can't restore for some reason, it has been turned off. You can turn it back on, but it won't let you go back before today's set up.

tradeagain2, Aug 8, 2:22am
Thanks Looks like I'll have to get it repaired, oh well at least warranty should cover it and should get fixed correctly. Thanks for all suggestions :)

tradeagain2, Aug 8, 4:25am
Or I could reinstall Windows on my laptop, think I will try this as all my info is now backed up on external hard drive. To reinstall it it says I need the Windows CD or DVD, don't actually recall getting a CD or DVD? Might have to have a hunt for it...

r.g.nixon, Aug 8, 4:26am
You rarely get one !

tradeagain2, Aug 8, 4:33am
R.g.nixon Does that mean I cannot uninstall then reinstall Vista on my laptop myself? I would like to get it back to original settings.

drcspy, Aug 8, 4:54am
What make and model of lappy is it ? they often come with a hidden partition for system recovery on them which is accessible when you FIRST powerup the pc .....if you look carefully at the initial screens you might see a message sayign something like 'press xxx key to access system recovery' or similar.....

tradeagain2, Aug 8, 4:59am
Drcspy Its a Sony Vaio VGN-NS15G/S. I mostly use it for internet, music, movies, documents and the occasional game

tradeagain2, Aug 8, 5:12am
Also When I searched 'restore partition' it came up with the VAIO data restore tool. Can this be done to an external hard drive, or does it need to be a CD? Once this step is done, does it mean I can uninstall Vista then reinstall using the data on the CD or external hard drive?

cottagerose, Aug 8, 8:01am
Get fixed under warranty If I were you Id get it sorted b4 your warranty runs out as my motherboard died on my laptop after 20 mths and company didnt want to know until I let them know Id use the consumers act if I had to.

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