Inkjet Multifunction Printer

galfie24, Aug 8, 8:50am
Inkjet Multifunction Printer I am looking at buying a printer but not sure which brand is must suitable in term of cheap ink and and printer's robustness. Tia.

r.g.nixon, Aug 8, 9:00am
Good luck with finding one that is robust I'm not sure that they are made anymore!

bonnie66, Aug 8, 11:15am
Brother DCP150C I have one of these and find it very good it has separate ink colours so you dont have to replace all at once very reliable and quite inexpensive too. but I am not an expert just my experience.

galfie24, Aug 8, 11:28am
Thanks Folks, I am presently using an Epson but find the ink rather expensive and its only a year and a half old. Already it doesn't scans. Not worth having to repair as new replacement would be cheaper. Am I thinking right?

drcspy, Aug 8, 4:31pm
I have a dpc 165c that cost me $80 new quite recently the sales...I fill the ink carts myself with some ink i have in little bottles I bought for my old canon printer it costs me about $45 to fill ALL the carts SIX times. Takes about 3 minutes to fill a cart its VERY easy........

drcspy, Aug 8, 4:57pm
Its jsut not worth buying the 'proper' ink it'd Cost me more than the printer did !

samsara11, Aug 8, 7:12pm
Whatever you do dont touch the HP. Their software is garbage. I have had endless problems with mine and finally chucked it out ($600 worth) and have a Brother. Great machine and so far no problems at all. Even the inks that came with the printer lasted quite a long time. Will be interested to see how long the full ink set lasts

nzmu, Aug 8, 7:36pm
...and to mix the pota long time Epson user here just moved to HP. I find the C5380 that I have an excellent buy for my requirements. I do use the original ink - approx 300 pages for each of the 5 cartridges it takes @ $30ea. I have the option at $45 for the XL cartridges that print approx 750 pages. I print on discs and I print selected photos. The software has caused no problems. If you want a one that costs less in ink, look at the higher end models. HP 6500 black cart prints 1200 pages for $62, the Epson TX600 700 or 800, prints around 850 pages for 6 x $37 carts. Cheapest brother mono laser printer - $85 for 1500 pages. Yep, I did some checking too, before I bought one.

richms, Aug 8, 11:00pm
epson or canon if you care about printing photos on the proper paper. Brother or hp are ok if its just text and piecharts on plain paper but their photo performance on the cheapies is crap - the vivera hp's are ok tho.

newbie5, Aug 9, 12:14am
I have a Brother DCP150C and have no problems with it
the ink cartridges are about $45 for 4 look on TM for ink cartridges

mcdaff, Aug 9, 7:16am
Have an HP 6380 have no problems with the printer, the photo quality is awesome. The software is pretty bloated though.

biggal, Aug 9, 9:31am
Happy as Larry with my HP Photosmart C7180 6 ink
Multi-function. This model now superceded

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