xbox 360 info needed

luckythirteen, Aug 8, 1:10pm
Xbox 360 info needed Posted this in gaming earlier but they are either asleep or playin hard out.I bought this 232289585 and am in dispute with the seller regarding its' condition. I have opened it to examine the condition of its' internals and have found a possible problem, are the cpu and the gpu
fitted to the board with 2 x clamps or one or not at all. This machine has one x clamp on the cpu which is bolted to the underside of the heatsink and is attached with 4 bolts on the underside though the m/board. The other chip does not have an x clamp at all.It came with a parts missing repair kit .In what order or placement do you install the nylon and steel washers.?

luckythirteen, Aug 9, 12:42am
Problem has been fixed following a post by 'haybales' in 'gaming'.

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