mouse pad on acer laptop has died?

Mouse pad on acer laptop has died? I have hardly used it as have a usb mouse but it has just diedtouchpad is still enabled, i checked thatbut nothing goes the buttons or nothing which seems wierd (is it?) or is it permanently dead? anything else i can try, have vista if that is needed to b known

geek_jacqui248, Aug 9, 6:18 pm

Could try 1).Booting off a "live Linux" CD, or 2). System Restore, or 3). Delete the touchpad in Control Panel/System/Hardware and rebooting.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 9, 7:34 pm

Is it still under warranty? if so, CLAIM. if not, curse acer, they suck

geek_quotejoss, Aug 9, 7:39 pm

YAY i love tm sometimes deleted and reboot and all go again thank you

geek_jacqui248, Aug 9, 8:13 pm