My Epson printer

chchred, Aug 10, 6:02am
My Epson printer has suddenly just starting showing a message that it can not recognize the ink cartredges!! I've been printing and they're all new so don't know what to do? I've been to the trouble shooter which is no help, is there any thing I can do that someone may know of please? TIA

deodar, Aug 10, 6:29am
Are they real Epson cartridges? If not you have more trouble.Bad
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pcmaster, Aug 10, 6:31am
Ccr i believe there deodar theres a bit of software which tricks that ink system somewhere isnt there?

chchred, Aug 10, 8:58am
No, they're not REAL epson catridges but they've been working for the last few months on it, it's quite a new printer/fax and I need to print out payslips etc!!

deodar, Aug 10, 11:03am
Yeah PC Master,totally correct The Chip Resetter is often available here in software.
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deodar, Aug 10, 11:59am
I had an Epson Chchchred(bad stststutter there) Still have somewhwere in retirement
but it always caused those problems
The last straw was full cartridges
brand new(well freshly refilled)wot
were rejected repeatedly as empty.
I returned them,they # out as full,
yet it still refued to print.So I
got 2x canons with ink for the $$$
of real Epson ink.They run faultlessly but go thru colour...

deodar, Aug 10, 12:01pm
So anyway i remember reinstalling the ink which helped register it with the
*&^% printer-sometimes.

chchred, Aug 11, 9:48pm
Yeah I took the copy inks back to the store and the guy there said sometimes the chips confuse the printer, so I had to buy all legitimate inks (dammit!) and now its all more cheap inks for me :(

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