telecom adsl2+ broadband free offer -anyone taken?

Telecom adsl2+ broadband free offer -anyone taken? Got a call offering a free wireless adsl 2+ modem from telecom. Supposedly increases speed, reliability etc. Just have to commit to 24 months with them. Anyone signed up? and has it improved the connection? thanks.

geek_felinefella, Aug 13, 11:55 am

Check the penalties for early withdrawal

geek_tigra, Aug 13, 12:30 pm

Yeah actually I just did seems to be going ok, fast internet etc etc. yeah the 24 moths sign up isn't really a prob with me been with telecom forever and don't plan on going anywhere else, also signed up to the unlimited broadband and its all good, very happy with it so far.

geek_dragontales, Aug 13, 2:01 pm

The only way it can increase your speed is If you previously had been using a standard ADSL modem, That didn't support ADSL2+ or the modem you had was faulty or just plain crap lol

geek_lucky015, Aug 13, 5:42 pm

I got the Total home package with Thomson modem freebie and very reliable so far, generous cap and free toll calls. A 2 year contract means nothing as I would have stayed with them anyway.

geek_bryshaw, Aug 14, 2:24 pm