ACER TRAVELMATE 4150....I'm after one for parts

ACER TRAVELMATE 4150....I'm after one for parts Have you one that I can buy for parts.I need the hinges for the screen as my daughter has broken the hinge on her laptop and I can't find one anywhere.YOU are my last hope.thanks

geek_morab, Aug 14, 11:32 am


geek_morab, Aug 14, 6:08 pm

Some here: I've used this company and they're reputable.

geek_hakatere1, Aug 15, 5:50 am

Thanks for thati will use them if i can't get a defunct laptop in nz

geek_morab, Aug 15, 8:49 am


geek_morab, Aug 16, 5:45 pm


geek_morab, Aug 18, 8:40 am

Help me please.there must be one out there that i can use

geek_morab, Aug 19, 12:28 pm

Probably but you don't get the whole of NZ reading this forum each day!

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 19, 1:05 pm

Thank you mr nixon that is y i keep bumping to the top

geek_morab, Aug 19, 4:53 pm

Morab just do a search for what you want and use the 'save this search' to favorites option, if anything is listed, you will be emailed,..

geek_kevin16, Aug 19, 5:01 pm

Thanks kev been on to that thanks but just after the chance that one will show up on this thread

geek_morab, Aug 19, 5:07 pm

It may not,.. as this is a 'wanted' thread, which means it breaches the Message Board Rules,..

geek_kevin16, Aug 19, 5:09 pm

I'm looking and than hopefully some member will post an auction with a buy happens alot.thanks

geek_morab, Aug 19, 5:33 pm

Sorry,. I missed the amendment to rule three, "This includes trying to facilitate a trade through the message boards (including wanted postings (except for morab cos he's special).)"...

geek_kevin16, Aug 19, 7:26 pm

Thanks for the boostappreciated

geek_morab, Aug 20, 7:47 am

Voted.. .

geek_gibler, Aug 20, 8:46 am

Another winner who can't read. Voted.

geek_whakatanerocks, Aug 20, 9:33 am