Help with paper stuck in printer please

dreamworx67, Aug 15, 3:07am
Help with paper stuck in printer please Brother DCP-150C, paper jam, I pulled it out and it ripped and I can't see the paper that's still in there. What can I do?

lilyfield, Aug 15, 3:24am
Hope you pulled it out from the back?

dreamworx67, Aug 15, 3:32am
No I stupdily pulled it from the front! Arrrrggghhhhh.

coolnzmum, Aug 15, 3:39am
Well if it anything like the DCP 130 you have to yank the cover (and I mean yank) off the back to get paper out the back. Even getting the paper tray out requires a real yank on it. Always feels like you are going to break it.

dreamworx67, Aug 15, 4:12am
I know what you mean coolnzmum Does the top cover actually come right off? I opened it and didn't want to yank it and break it, but if it is supposed to come off, I will yank it, don't want to wait till Monday to take it to someone who will charge me through the nose!

little_egypt, Aug 15, 9:24am
For what techs charge these daysmight as well give it a yank. Probably cheaper to buy a new printer than take it to a tech anyhow..

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