Adobe-Help Please

Adobe-Help Please Can someone help please.When the Adobe Reader page is up (after download)where the hell is the accept button.Nowhere to be seen!

geek_cabbagefan, Aug 15, 3:32 pm

What accept button? and what do you mean "the page is up"?

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 3:37 pm

Do you get An abdobe icon in your Status Bar, which is down the bottom on your monitor?

geek_axelvonduisberg, Aug 15, 4:12 pm

Licence Agreement. Tried to get into a certain web site and Adobe Reader page comes up and say to click on accept after have read agreement.

geek_cabbagefan, Aug 15, 4:13 pm

# 3 No accept button shows up.It almost seems that the page is too big for the screen.Cheers

geek_cabbagefan, Aug 15, 4:17 pm