Printer Sharing

kitti, Aug 15, 8:11pm
Printer Sharing I have a Brother MFC 465nc Printer and want to network it so i can use on my laptop and pc do i need a additional cable to do this?

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 8:17pm
If it includes a network card, then yes if not, then the PC that it is attached to has to be on when you print from the other computer.

kitti, Aug 15, 8:20pm
Network It says on the printer its a network printer

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 8:43pm
Connect it to your network device which will be an ethernet switch or hub, router or ADSL modem.

kevin16, Aug 15, 8:45pm
RTFM would seem to be the way most literate people do it,...

kitti, Aug 15, 10:21pm
Thanks thankyou rg and kevin no need for that comment some of us are just learning

mford007, Aug 15, 10:30pm
Is a fair comment though the manual has pretty straight forward instructions for setting it up on a network

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