printer problem

craig70, Aug 15, 11:51pm
Printer problem Hi our brother mfc-240c has come up reading this fault Init Unable 43.Have tried everything in the users guide but still comes up with the same fault any ideas how to fix it thanks.

mford007, Aug 16, 12:08am
Sounds like a driver problem Try reinstalling from cd again

craig70, Aug 16, 12:26am
Have justtried that but still comes up with same fault,thanks for the help anyway.

mechnificent, Aug 16, 12:29am
There will be a process to reset the printer something like holding down a button or two at start-up. Google it and you will find it.

craig70, Aug 16, 2:07am
Found problem It appears our printer head is over on the right hand side and needs a technician to look at it thanks everyone for the help.

mechnificent, Aug 16, 4:05am
He will reset it for you and charge you. Google resetting that model and you will fix it yourself in about two minutes.

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