Printer problem

louie65, Aug 16, 10:51pm
Printer problem I have a new HP printer, only a week old, and when I try to print I get the msge "an unknown error occurred while printing". Cant find anythiong on trouble shooting. The thing is I had a cheap Canon printer that I have put in the shed as it also came up with this same msge. Does anyone have any ideas please ? I had no hesitation dumping the Canon, it cost $40 and I learnt the ink costs $50 per refill so it was cheaper to buy a better machine. Is it odd that both are coming up with this message ???? Hope someone has some ideas/suggestions.

gyrogearloose, Aug 16, 11:53pm
When you installed the new printer, did it print the test page successfully? When you select File, Print, are you sure that the printer you select (or the default printer) IS the new printer you have just installed, rather than any other printer such as the Canon? When you go into Start, Settings, Printers, is there a green tick next to your new printer and does it display the word 'Ready' or what does it say? Answer those 3 questions and further help will follow.

louie65, Aug 17, 2:49am
Hi gyro thanks for your input. I did a check and found that the Canon was still installed so that solved the problem with the HP once I deleted the Canon. I had deleted the Canon under installed/add all programes but it still lurked. Strange that the Canon had the same problem. Currently all is working ok.

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