facebook activex question

la-shiss, Aug 17, 3:14am
Facebook activex question hi there, I used to be able to upload photos onto facebook without any trouble at all, but now when I want to upload pics it says I need to install activeX (thought I already had it since I have been able to upload previously) anyway I click on the bar to install it, since I thought maybe I was using old version. Then it comes up with the page needs to shut down due to protect my computer. Wont even let me use the basic uploader,that shuts down too. Does anyone know why this is happening.Since I have installed Mozilla a month or so ago things have been a bit haywire at times.Maybe its incompatibility with the two argh Im rambling now. Any help appreciated. I have to go away from computer but will check in this evening for some expert help and suggestions.Thanks in advance.

la-shiss, Aug 17, 7:58am
Bump for some help.

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