How do I access my work computer

yovas, Aug 17, 4:48am
How do I access my work computer from my home computer (different site) without having to go and buy equipment to set it up? I understand there is/are websites that you can log into and use them as a server. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

gyrogearloose, Aug 17, 5:32am
Ask your IT department at work they might have several methods already setup, and would likely disapprove of you trying any other way.

suicidemonkey, Aug 17, 5:34am
. Probably not the best long-term solution but by far the easiest.

r.g.nixon, Aug 17, 5:41am
Logmein is at least as good.

yovas, Aug 17, 5:45am
Thanks for your ideas I would be accessing my own business, no IT guru unfortunately. This would be very helpful. With the sites, do you have to be at the computer you are going to log into, to download the software and then access it from home?

david13, Aug 17, 5:49am
Cheap VPN For safety i would recommend a cheap VPN unit 235703524
if you can get in easily so can somebody else unless you have good security in place. just think what it would cost you in time if you came in to find all your hard drives wiped.I had a customer that logged in from the net with no security and that was his outcome in the end

yovas, Aug 17, 5:51am
Thanks What is a VPN unit and can you buy them from Dick Smith's etc. Do you attach it to the computer that you going to access?

mojo49, Aug 17, 5:53am
In XPP and Vista You can use Remote Desktop Connection, but your work setup would need a static IP address, which incurs a small monthly fee. I have used RDC all around NZ to log into work computers in other parts of the country for various purposes. It depends on the volume of data traffic you will be creating as to which is the best option. I have been able to print from anywhere in NZ to my work office or print to where-ever I am at the time of log in. A VPN creates much less data traffic, but costs to setup.

david13, Aug 17, 5:54am
VPN A box at the work end and software at your home end

david13, Aug 17, 5:56am
no security there is to many flaws in windows security to use with no encryption hackers explorer those flaws and are scanning the isp ip ranges all the time

yovas, Aug 17, 5:56am
Thanks I will have to look into this more as I am a newbie. Is the RDC software you download or buy or is it on the computer already. I use XP.

suicidemonkey, Aug 17, 6:08am
.You need not worry about security with TeamViewer. Everything goes through their server and is encrypted. All you need to do is set it up on the work computer and create a password. Then install it on your home computer and connect. Easy.

mojo49, Aug 17, 6:11am
RDC is part of XP Pro - no extra cost. and I am not sure what level of Vista it comes with. I agree with the other posters that a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best long term solution. However RDC will get you started for only the cost of getting your ISP to put your work onto a fixed IP address. At least you can experiment with what you can then access from home and how far you want to develop that concept. RDC is not as secure as a well setup VPN but it is a good starting point.

yovas, Aug 17, 6:21am
Thank you everyone for all your help. Much appreciated!

45kiwi, Aug 17, 6:49am
Logmein wouldnt trust them IMO better to use VNC or RDC

tool_shop173, Aug 17, 7:37am
I have Vista home and the RDC is on there as well I use it to connect to work all the time. Yes a static IP is better than a dynamic IP. But as mentioned it does cost a certain amount per month.

mojo49, Aug 17, 8:05am
Google - Citrix Metaframe I have used this to access an accounting system, hosted in Dunedin, from all around NZ with very good speeds up and down. VPN delay almost unnoticeable. This is a serious quality software VPN and the way to go if you decide to go beyond RDC. It costs for the host setup, but then client downloads are free and 3easy to set up.

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