Best ADSL modem for poor line quality

Best ADSL modem for poor line quality I am in a semi rural area and have had nothing but ongoing problems with broadband connections. Lately the modem keeps retraining i have had several telecom techs on site who say there's nothing wrong with the line. I have now tried several different brands of ADSL modem including DLink,Dynalink,Speedtouch at the moment i am using a very high expensive Juniper unit which has been stable but i only can get 2mbs max out of it.

Can anybody advise if there had better from one modem over another

geek_david13, Aug 17, 5:22 pm

juniper is a very highend brand i didn't realise they made home stuff, provided that its not an old modem i doubt you will find better.

geek_mikep2000, Aug 17, 5:31 pm

Juniper The juniper is a business class unit but is also only ADSL not ADSL 2, we are only 4.4km of copper from the exchange(looking of tech shoulder) so we should be able to get better than 2mb

geek_david13, Aug 17, 5:34 pm

Best is us-robotics sure connect. modem routerof the older secoundhand type . and fit a splitter on the line make a clean line for the adsl modem. I am 3.6k on a rural line and i do get when the isp and nz bottleneck is not slowing me down 3mb speed

geek_intrade, Aug 17, 5:37 pm

.do you know what exchange you are off? and are you sure that you are actually on a adsl2+ isam?

geek_mikep2000, Aug 17, 5:38 pm

They say 5km is the max distance adsl even works. the longer from the exchange the more it loses its rather a bit every 100 meter more with just adsl line filters i used to get a max of 768k and most times just aboce 256k the splitter has improofed it by loads......

geek_intrade, Aug 17, 5:40 pm

Exchange The exchange is Upper Hutt North and was one of the last exchanges to be upgraded to DSL so i assume its ADSL 2.
I have already rewired the house from scratch with new cat6 and inline filter.

geek_david13, Aug 17, 5:43 pm

You installed one of these? 236301854

geek_intrade, Aug 17, 5:56 pm

2500kbps here, also 4km from exchange And initially told I couldn't get broadband here but it did work, albeit at a lower speed. Max used to be 1500kbps but there have been line upgrades to the new subdivisions down the valley. I have the cheapest, nastiest wireless modem I could find. How much does the modem/router contribute to line speed? Or at we at the mercy of Telecoms lines?

geek_ladeda, Aug 17, 6:36 pm

How improofed was it? How does a splitter work to improve speed?

geek_ladeda, Aug 17, 6:38 pm

I am rural with poor lines and have a US Robotics too. Would thoroughly recommend it. Even had the phones crap out once - and broadband was still working.

geek_mcdaff, Aug 17, 7:08 pm

splitter Yes i installed exactly that. I work in IT and have installed lots of them for one of customers it made the difference of 2Mbps to 6Mbps buy chucking out those cheap filters.
I have done lots of research around the forum etc and found that in Australia on low quality connections they seem to have good response from billion modems

geek_david13, Aug 18, 10:30 am

2mb/s is perfectly acceptable considering your location. Be happy, I live non rual and have similar speeds with a very good adsl modem.

geek_hdmovies, Aug 18, 10:55 am

Just have to wait for Cable It such a shame that telstraclear stopped building there network it stops about 1km away from home and all the cable connections i have used give the specified speed.

geek_david13, Aug 18, 11:38 am

Get a splitter a good quality, properly installed 'splitter' is likely to make more difference than the quality of the modem. Another option would be naked DSL, which means there's no filters or house wiring involved at all, the modem connects directly to the incoming pair, the rest of the house wiring can then be connected to the modem's VoIP port completely isolated from the DSL signal.

geek_little_egypt, Aug 18, 11:45 am

done If you read previous posts i have a splitter, brand new cat6 cabling from splitter to ADSL and have also tried isolating the line aswell so naked ADSL would make no difference at all.

geek_david13, Aug 18, 11:49 am

Bugger In that case it's probably as good as it's going to get. Be thankful you're not half a K further away or you'd have to use dialup...

geek_little_egypt, Aug 18, 11:53 am

Jealousy Yes i think that is the case stuck with 2mb i am just jealous a friend has had the cabinets put in his area and now gets 22Mb although thats the line speed the fastest download he has managed was only 18Mb

geek_david13, Aug 18, 12:02 pm

4.4 km and 2 Mbps is about right. I think you will struggle for a lot better. Unfortunately, BB efficiency deteriorates rapidly as you get to about the 3km mark and peters out to a dribble at around 5. If you are getting disconnections, (retraining as you say) I would tend to be suspecting something internal. Have you had your line split or are you just using line filters? Usually these are fine, but I have come across a few sites where splitting has been the only way to solve similar problems.

geek_d.snell, Aug 18, 2:43 pm

Oops just read, you have a splitter..

geek_d.snell, Aug 18, 2:44 pm

What is the signal to noise ratio [SNR] and your Attenuation levels like? And also what modulation is it set to? eg multimode

geek_fordb, Aug 18, 8:48 pm