can someone help with internet access off mobile

g14us, Aug 17, 10:52am
Can someone help with internet access off mobile I bought myself one of the new XT network phones in the weekend. Now at lunchtime today I managed to get myself onto Trade Me and login but tonight I keep getting the message "Server certificate certificate of issuer is not found CN: CN:COMODO High Assurance Server CA CN:COMODO Certification Authority CN:UTN-DATACorp SGC CN:AddTrust External CA Root" What on earth does all that mean and what do
I need to do please?

soodanim, Aug 17, 11:33am
Hmmm have you corrected the date/time on the phone...

g14us, Aug 17, 7:48pm
Date & time yes, the phone shows correct date and time. Would that have mattered anyhow?

drsr, Aug 17, 8:26pm
Trademe uses an SSL certificate from Comodo to verify its login server The browser on your phone is having problems verifying the certificate. Can you view Do other sites using https e.g. work?

hayster94, Aug 17, 9:44pm
Download opera mini then try again

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