Printer iisues - help please

jojo76, Aug 19, 2:45am
Printer iisues - help please I have a brother mfc260c, which is not priniting. It is selected as default printer, but when you try and print anything, apart from the printer icon coming up down the bottom, nothing else happens, a messeage pops up after about 30 seconds telling me it has failed to print. All cables are connected. I have tried to restart computer with the printer pluged in a usb port and the computer will get to the screen where the logo of the computer manafuacture (dell or toshiba) comes up..and thats it is freezes. Unpug the printer from usb and it starts up just fine. I have tried on both my lappy and desktop and both do exactly the same thing..what could the problem be??

simonfphotos, Aug 19, 5:18am
Printer OK what happens if you start up and then plug the printer in.
Also check there is paper etc.
Other than that Uninstall the printer and reinstall and see if that helps.

hakatere1, Aug 19, 7:33am
I would be having a careful look at the usb socket on both pc and printer. Something is shorting or something.

r32skyliner, Aug 19, 10:39pm
Does the printer have a "printe test page" button or feature that you can run from the printer itself (NOT from windows)? if so, and it prints that test page fine, at least you know you can illiminate the printer itself as an issue, at least in regards to printing.

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