Help with Thunderbird

Help with Thunderbird I have just installed Thunderbird and for some reason its only checking messages when i open Thunderbird. How do i get it to check and open messages without having to open it?

geek_charg1, Apr 20, 7:40 am

It can check messages without running ??? Isn't that a bit optimistic to have a pgm not running, yet doing a job ?

geek_kylebsc, Apr 20, 7:43 am

Thats the thing with software It can only work when it is running!

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 20, 7:44 am

Lol sorry a bit hard to explain when i had incredimail, the little icon down the bottom would scan and the envelope would open letting me no i had mail. How do i do this on thunderbird? Hope that makes more sense :)

geek_charg1, Apr 20, 7:45 am

Install addon called "minimise to tray" and set Thunderbird to check for mail every 10 mins or so.

geek_tonijo, Apr 20, 7:47 am

Thankyou tonijo will go do that now :)

geek_charg1, Apr 20, 7:48 am

Yeah that'll do the trick :-) Didn't mean to sound harsh but the original post did raise my eyebrows quite a bit.

geek_kylebsc, Apr 20, 8:50 am

Try Tools / account settings /server settings then tick box 'automatically download new messages' no need for a addon

geek_holden95, Apr 20, 9:21 am

Hmmm? Ive done all that holden95, all the boxes that need to be ticked are, but its still not showing messages? Not sure why?

geek_charg1, Apr 21, 2:47 am

Maybe you don't have any.. Open Thunderbird..Go left on Edit.Then left Preferences.Next Interface,Left General.Put a tick in show an Alert, or the play a sound one.I'm not sure Thunderbird can do as Incredimail used to.

geek_helpless, Apr 21, 3:02 am

Thanks :) I have checked all of those to! My sil has thunderbird, as soon as she installed it, it would scan down the bottom for new messages but mine is just not doing it???
Will keep trying, thanks for all your help!!

geek_charg1, Apr 21, 3:27 am