Adobe document wont print but printer works

evotime, Aug 20, 12:14am
Adobe document wont print but printer works Hi all I'm pulling my hair out trying to print my telecom bills through adobe.
I have saved them as adobe docs to my laptop and they still wont print. the printer works when print other stuff from onenote also the scanner and copier both work. the printer is a brother mfc215c the laptop is presario v3000 with vista. HELP PLEASE

evotime, Aug 20, 12:19am
Ihave to shoot out for a bit will check back soon

r.g.nixon, Aug 20, 1:11am
You need to tell us the error message also, are you printing from Adobe Reader, Foxit or Sumatra?

evotime, Aug 20, 1:36am
Im printing from adobe reader there's no error message, it flashes once on the printer status "recieving data" but nothing happens- if I print from onenote it says on the printer the whole time recieving data and prints. Is there a way to save adobe stuff to onenote in the same layout and print it like that?

r.g.nixon, Aug 20, 1:41am
It might be a restriction set by the author check the properties of the file.

evotime, Aug 20, 1:43am
In the properties/security it says printing -- allowed

evotime, Aug 20, 1:43am
Other adobe files also wont print from different authors

soodanim, Aug 20, 1:51am
So when you hit the print button the box pops up and your printer is showing in the "printer" box?

evotime, Aug 20, 1:53am
Yep that's right then I click ok the print box closes as normal but nothing happens

soodanim, Aug 20, 2:03am
Has it always had an issue with printing PDFs? Never tried before...? Maybe look at updating the printer drivers

evotime, Aug 20, 2:07am
This printer has always been a pain with this computer it was fine with the old laptop which will not turn on as its been off for months. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver for the printer to get it to print at all also have done updates for adobe if I didnt just spent a lot on ink for printer I'd just get a new 1.

soodanim, Aug 20, 2:09am
Do you have the latest driver ? Check the brother site and make sure

lostdude, Aug 20, 2:20am
Should completely remove old drivers first. Then DL & install latest drivers: Be sure to read through the installation prompts thoroughly. Some printers require the drivers to be installed before connecting it to the PC.

evotime, Aug 20, 2:30am
I uninstalled today with revo uninstaller reinstalled of the brother site there is no updates though! 2007 is there latest software, originally had the cd that came with the printer thats why it was easy before

evotime, Aug 20, 3:05am
SUCCESS!!!! I down loaded foxit that someone mentioned earlier and it prints strait of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow only 5 hours trying!!! Thanks for everyone's help.

evotime, Aug 20, 10:59pm
Ok here's an update I can't print off an opened pdf file but if I save it and without opening it I left click to select then right click and select print t works fine. I have no idea why?

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