Dual Sim adaptors

94246, Aug 20, 2:32am
Dual Sim adaptors Any use one of these http://tinyurl.com/lplvzv I want one so i can use xt for txt and 2g for data and calling

eventpro, Aug 20, 3:37am
Don't know if it's this one but there was a thread in General about a week ago regarding these. The news wasn't at all good. Personally, I'd avoid them. There are some dual sim phones around, which would be a much better option.

45kiwi, Aug 20, 5:40am
I had one of them but it fried my SIM!

94246, Aug 20, 5:52am
Okthat sounds dodgy might give it a miss then.

intrade, Aug 20, 6:27am
I had dual sim adaptors for sale back in 1999 they work the way when you turn the phone on and off its on one sime and on and off again its on the other sim, sim card are in the faceplate and a flat cable going to the phones sim slot.

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