vista has lost its memory.

relic, Aug 20, 7:51am
Vista has lost its memory. and all folders now appear as huge icons. I set them back to small icons and next time I open the folder they are back to massive size. Has anyone had this problem and how did the solve it?

kew, Aug 20, 8:03am
Sorry, buthow did vista lose it's memory? Do you ram or storage?

drcspy, Aug 20, 8:04am
FFs try READING the post ! try this:

deodar, Aug 20, 9:03am
DId you change toIE8 in a recent update? It affected my desktop totally,but
still remembers me.There were some
'issues' with version I had,well
they're not fixed so the piece of
dog turd Browser is still unusable

fitzynz, Aug 20, 9:08am
XP all the way XP all the way

badaz_red, Aug 21, 3:57am
Why XP why not vista. in fact why not windows 95. ?

relic, Aug 21, 5:33am
Thanks drcspy the link to the post solved the problem. cheers.

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