Microsoft word 2003

blackmoa, Aug 21, 7:14am
Microsoft word 2003 Need help to make a word document smaller, basicaly im copying & pasting news to a word document & sending to some ships at sea as they are to far away to get radio etc. They complained to me that my "news" letter is to big in size as it was 345KB. That was about 30 pages of news, im sure there must be a easy way to shrink the word document?? Ta!

vtecintegra, Aug 21, 7:21am
Doesn't sound unreasonable - remember Word is quite inefficient. Perhaps send it as a simple text document (i.e. copy and paste into Notepad and save). It'll lose formatting though.

sparkyz, Aug 21, 7:46am
ZIP it! I just used 7ZIP to compress a couple of Word documents of about that size down to 41 and 43KB. This would only work if they have a Winzip or similar to unzip the received file.

gyrogearloose, Aug 21, 7:51am
PDF it! That will compress the size.

vtecintegra, Aug 21, 8:01am
I doubt a pdf is much smaller - my CV (3 pages long, no pictures or any rubbish) is 31KB as an .odt, exported to a .pdf and it grows to 82KB

gyrogearloose, Aug 21, 8:08am
- but remember Word's efficiency as you noted in . My CV is 141KB as a .doc, exported to a .pdf is 53KB (1 photo). ODT's efficiency, I don't know.

sparkyz, Aug 21, 8:11am
Try both PDF and ZIP. Converting to pdf's can sometimes make a smaller file than zip does, but it can also make the file bigger. I just converted my two test Word files to pdf's. One went down to 20KB and the other one only went down to 160KB.

pcfix4u, Aug 21, 8:14am
Check this out you can upload up up to 100MB for free, then send them the link and they can download for free but they have to wait about 40secs. How safe is it ??? someone here might now the guts on that.

little_egypt, Aug 21, 8:45am
I suspect that's not the problem They're out at see, probably paying by the KB (not even by the MB) for short windows of internet access through Irridium. Strip it down to plain text would be my suggestion, then compress it.

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