Getting ADSL2+ speeds on modem, but not another

Getting ADSL2+ speeds on modem, but not another I am on Xtra with an ADSL plan that has unrestricted upload and download speeds. I have an Xtra supplied Thomson 585G wireless router modem that gets me about 12Mb/s download when I test it at the Consumer NZ broadband speed test site. I also have a much older 1st generation Dlink DSL-502T modem, again Xtra supplied. Using the Dlink which I upgraded with the latest ADSL2+ firmware from the manufacturer I only get 7Mb/s on the speed test. I think it isn't doing ADSL2+ properly. Is there anyway to tweak the older modem to get upto ADSL2+ speeds?

geek_robotnik, Aug 22, 12:30 pm

You should be glad the dlink crap works at all lol. I would upgrade it with a big hammer my self.........

geek_intrade, Aug 22, 12:34 pm

LOL intrade Still one eyed. You have to get out one day. no give it away. the Thomson 585v7 are great.

geek_swivel, Aug 22, 12:47 pm

Giving it away Well I am going to pass the Dlink onto someone, I was just trying to get it to work as best it can. Oh well they may hvae to suffer with only slow ADSL, LOL.

geek_robotnik, Aug 22, 12:53 pm

But then if it gets 7mbps, thats faster than the NZ average lol

geek_swivel, Aug 22, 12:54 pm

There was a software issue on some of them that limited them to 7.6 megs even on adsl 2 - the bin is the correct place for one of those old dlinks since they usually die when trying to upgrade them.

geek_richms, Aug 22, 2:18 pm

LOl yeah it did die the first time I tried to flash it. Fortunately, I was able to recover it using the recovery mode of the firmware updater and it now has the latest firmware.

geek_robotnik, Aug 22, 2:26 pm