Rotorua, waiting for ADSL ports

robotnik, Aug 22, 1:39am
Rotorua, waiting for ADSL ports A relative of mine in Fordlands, Rotorua wants to get broadband. They are going thru Orcon which says they have to wait until an ADSL port at the exchange becomes free. They are not sure how long this wait will be and it could be two weeks or it could be longer; it depends. Is this usual and could they get broadband any faster if they signed up with Telecom Xtra?

darkstar09, Aug 22, 1:41am
Best bet would be to give telecom a ring and see what they say.

darkstar09, Aug 22, 6:00am
Well did you ring them? ?

robotnik, Aug 22, 6:17am
Yes But those Filipino operators didn't get it. They refered us back to Orcon.

darkstar09, Aug 22, 6:19am
Well just ring up and saycan I get broadband in my area. or got here and pick option 1 and put the phone number in.

robotnik, Aug 22, 7:09am
.Thanks, but doesn't that website just tell you whether or not your line can handle ADSL? We know the line can, but the ISP says there aren't any ports available so have we have to wait until one becomes free.

darkstar09, Aug 22, 7:13am
Well telecom own all the lines so maybe orcon have used all the ports they rent out from telecom. You could just try going with telecom. The total home package is good.

smac, Aug 23, 12:08am
Fight your way through to the 'new connections' line at Telecom - they're still NZ based and speak English.

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